Tulsi – Queen of Herbs with Spiritual and Medicinal Benefits


Whether you walk through the backyards of Indian houses or famous temples, one common plant you may notice is Tulsi.  Tulsi is denoted as the “Elixir of Life” in Ayurveda – the famous ancient Indian medicine system. In Vaisnavism, a sub sect of Hinduism, Tulsi is worshiped for being the perfect follower of Lord Visnu. The nature of this plant is to bring a perfect balance between our physical, mental and psychological state, which is quite important for practicing Spiritual life. Many people utilize Tulsi wood for making beads that can be used for ornamental and meditation purposes.

Scientifically, Tulsi plant has been shown to treat a broad-range of health issues such as infections, skin diseases, cardiac problems, anxiety, asthma, cancer and many more. Tulsi has also been shown to play a role in Climate Change by releasing more oxygen in to the environment!

Tulsi can be grown in both tropical and non-tropical climates. With all these great benefits, Tulsi is no wonder called as the “Queen of Herbs”.

Scientific Research Data about Tulsi Plant


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