Tridax Daisy (Coat Buttons) – An unspoken Gem


Ever heard that sometimes you find treasure in most unexpected places?

Tridax daisy, a plant generally considered as  a weed, has some amazing medicinal properties to treat chronic illnesses such as Diabetes, Liver disease and Infection. Scientific research shows that this plant has high  Sodium, Potassium and Calcium content. Active bio-molecules present in this plant includes Anthraquinone, Catachol, Flavonoids, Phenolic compounds, Saponins, Steroids, Tannins and Terpenoids.

Oleanolic acid, an active ingredient present in this plant has excellent anti-diabetic property. Leaf extracts of Tridax have been shown to heal wounds and protects liver in tested experimental models. One of the most fascinating information about Tridax is its antimicrobial activity against a range of Bacteria. For more information about Tridax visit:


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