Karma, Love & Light!


That Buddha quote sounds true isn’t?! People broadly call it as Good Karma, though it is important to understand that according to Eastern classic Srimad Bhagavad-Gita (4.17) there are three kinds of Karma: a) Karma b) Akarma c) Vikarma.

karmano hy api boddhavyam
boddhavyam ca vikarmanah
akarmanas ca boddhavyam
gahana karmano gatih
“The intricacies of action are very hard to understand. Therefore one should know properly what action is, what forbidden action is, and what inaction is”.

Karma: Defined as any action that brings a consequence, not exactly fits in to Newton’s third law that states “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. How so? Because some times even when you perform an action, there are chances of receiving inaction from the other side!

Akarma: Any action that brings literally no Karma at all. Examples include spiritual activities performed without any ego and motivation for the sake of others’ upliftment. This is the ideal path to attain perfection in life and liberation.

Vikarma: Forbidden actions that leads to pain and suffering to other living beings and our own self/soul.

Understanding intricacies of Karma and leading a life based on knowledge and wisdom is the real challenge!


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