Addiction Problems!

Hi Folks!

Are you currently struggling with addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, coffee, gambling etc? Have you thought about why can’t you get rid of these habits? The big question remains is whether we are substituting our empty lives with these addictions. Past trauma can play an important role in causing addictions.

As a Life Coach at SMB HEALTH, I have worked closely with people having addiction problems and so far my realization was that most of these people had gone through some form of abuse & trauma in the past.

Please watch this video by renowned physician and psychiatrist Dr. Gabor Mate

As he rightly points out, humans don’t need external material things to be happy. We all need deep-rooted self-love and community support to stay healthy and happy. Practicing some form of spirituality will help us heal our past trauma and wounds relatively quickly. Have a great Thursday!


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