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Stress Management

Do you feel stressed lately? How do you handle stress?

What exactly is stress? Stress is our specific response to any type of demand or pressure. Symptoms include irritability, lack of focus, anxiousness, procrastination, and negativity.  Generally, stress helps us to fight and flight on challenging situations. However, chronic stress is an ongoing issue that makes us react instead to respond.

At work, traditional ways to handle stress involved vacation time, flexible work options, and network gatherings. Recently, we are noticing services such as yoga, massage, gym, indoor/outdoor games and creative arts for employees. Yoga and mindfulness techniques are topping the stress-buster list, as conscious breathing helps people to gain a sense of balance and control in life. Organizations offering Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for those going through challenges.

Find a stress-reduction method(s) that resonates well with your body and mind. To receive custom-made Stress Management strategies for yourself,  businesses or organizations, feel free to contact me through my website:


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