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Active Listening - A Learned Social Skill Curious to know how to build excellent relationships with others? Active Listening! Isn't that frustrating when the other person doesn't listen properly and acknowledge what you are trying to say? When we speak we repeat what... #main-header, #top-header, #main-footer { display: none!important; }

“If you are searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror”.

Are we living a life precisely the way we wanted it to be- the happiest since we were young?
Personal Empowerment Life Coaching Brisbane
I asked this question to many of my clients, friends and mostly the answer was “No, not really!” Why? Because life doesn’t just happen that way and it is not supposed to be.
Just imagine you eating the same type of food with no varieties over the past 20 years. How boring would that be? Similarly, human life happens to be the mix of both ups and downs.
Life is not designed that we start from point A and finish at point B. As the saying goes, life is a journey and not a destination per se. For obvious reasons, life is not going to be a path of rose petals.
We may face challenges and the most common ones are disease, personal and professional loss and aging. While the challenges can bring us down on a deeply personal level sometimes, we have the power to “change” it.

Empowerment through change:
Whether it be choosing a new career, moving into a new relationship, becoming healthy, fixing our mindset etc, we certainly can change our current situation if we are not happy about it. Nothing will change unless we change our mindset and perform some action to change an uncomfortable situation. Change is inevitable whether we are completely aware of it or not. One example is we all do grow old whether we like it or not. Therefore, making the best use of the change will help us to progress in life and achieve our dreams.
Empowerment through mindset:
There is a common belief that personal empowerment means merely feeling good about oneself, however, there is more towards it. It is about changing the mindset. One may have the “glass is half empty” deficit mindset when it comes to empowerment, however, a progressive way of looking at it is that we are naturally empowered and we can always work on ourselves to bring-out our infinite potential.
Empowerment through awareness:
If we want to empower ourselves, first-of-all we need to understand our nature and identity. Identifying our nature means whether we are acting in goodness, passion or inertia. Analyzing our own strengths and weaknesses is another powerful tool for self-awareness. It is important to understand that many of us misidentify who we think we really are based on our beliefs, upbringing, thoughts, and mind. We are conscious beings on a journey through human experience. Once our self-awareness kicks in, we stop identifying ourselves with our body and mind, and the awareness itself will help us to continuously stay empowered.
Measuring empowerment:
Empowerment means action and results. Say for example we listen to an excellent speech and feel motivated. Unless the motivation turns into action and brings some result, then there is no real empowerment. The results of real empowerment normally speak for itself. Also, empowerment creates a ripple effect. When there is empowerment, people will feel it, get motivated, and act.
To conclude, personal empowerment is a natural & gradual process that requires internal work, taking definitive action and assessment based on the results. Seeking support when required and sharing our lives with positive, trustworthy people will fasten this process.



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