My vision is to create a healthy and happy world. I use an unique blend of Eastern and Western coaching and counseling methods to bring you the best you deserve for your life. I have many years of expertise in the areas of healthcare, scientific research & development, wellness, and biomedicine, alongside training in Eastern medicine, yoga and spirituality.

I am a scientist, mentor and coach with a life-long interest in understanding the intricacies of the universe and beyond. I hold a PhD degree in Health & Biomedical Sciences from the University of Queensland, Australia and have completed fellowships at prestigious hospitals affiliated with Harvard Medical School, Boston USA.

I have published my research work in peer-reviewed international scientific journals such as the Journal of Biological Chemistry, Nuclear Receptor Signalling Atlas, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communication, and Oncogene. During my time in Brisbane, Australia, I contributed my expertise to organizations including Parkinson’s Australia, Queensland Conservation Council and AusCongo Network.

Alongside university, I have also undergone proper spiritual and yoga training in Australia and the USA. Through my new enterprise SMB Health – Life Coaching & Wellness Consulting, I am currently helping people to lead a healthy and fulfilling life through an unique blend of ancient and modern techniques.

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