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Stress Management

Stress Management

Do you feel stressed lately? How do you handle stress?

What exactly is stress? Stress is our specific response to any type of demand or pressure. Symptoms include irritability, lack of focus, anxiousness, procrastination, and negativity.  Generally, stress helps us to fight and flight on challenging situations. However, chronic stress is an ongoing issue that makes us react instead to respond.

At work, traditional ways to handle stress involved vacation time, flexible work options, and network gatherings. Recently, we are noticing services such as yoga, massage, gym, indoor/outdoor games and creative arts for employees. Yoga and mindfulness techniques are topping the stress-buster list, as conscious breathing helps people to gain a sense of balance and control in life. Organizations offering Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for those going through challenges.

Find a stress-reduction method(s) that resonates well with your body and mind. To receive custom-made Stress Management strategies for yourself,  businesses or organizations, feel free to contact me through my website:



Personal Development23715226_1682211718497724_1982355798_o.png

Common question – What is Personal Development (PD) and do we really need it for our lives? Let’s consider some facts. Anatomically speaking, we are the highest evolved species on planet earth. However, have we thought about the evolvement of our mind, spirit, and awareness? The dictionary meaning of the word “personal” comes from “person”. Therefore, PD technically covers all aspects of a person – mind, body, spirit, and awareness. Any activity that helps us to experience the highest expression of our mind, body, and spirit is Personal Development!

The benefits of PD is multi-faceted – ranging from self-awareness, happiness, and to building healthy relationships. Self-awareness helps you to grow inside out. An integral aspect of awareness is self-love. Charity starts at home, so to love oneself before extending it to others is important. Self Confidence, a byproduct of PD is attained when we are in alignment with own values and beliefs systems.

PD helps us to prioritize our goals, stay focused, and helps us make decisions on something that we generally dislike or not well connected to. A strong psyche is a recipe for success when it comes to building healthier relationships whether it be personal or professional.

We all never stop developing and changing but that’s what makes us human, our ability to change/grow and learn new things about ourselves and the world.

I offer in-person & skype consultations on Mindset & Life Coaching. Call me on (61) 0421454209 or via our contact page.

Addiction Problems!

Hi Folks!

Are you currently struggling with addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, coffee, gambling etc? Have you thought about why can’t you get rid of these habits? The big question remains is whether we are substituting our empty lives with these addictions. Past trauma can play an important role in causing addictions.

As a Life Coach at SMB HEALTH, I have worked closely with people having addiction problems and so far my realization was that most of these people had gone through some form of abuse & trauma in the past.

Please watch this video by renowned physician and psychiatrist Dr. Gabor Mate

As he rightly points out, humans don’t need external material things to be happy. We all need deep-rooted self-love and community support to stay healthy and happy. Practicing some form of spirituality will help us heal our past trauma and wounds relatively quickly. Have a great Thursday!

It’s All In The Mind!


Are you watching your thoughts? Is your mind at peace? A positive mindset brings positive life. We go through so many so called “good” and “bad” experiences, but ultimately we can learn something out of it. Smart people keep creating opportunities even at adverse situations. One best way to learn the art of regulating the thoughts and mind is by spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness etc. Happy Sunday!

Self Care

Hello Everyone!

I know it’s been a while since I wrote something for the blog but I have been busy taking care of my business and personal life. Thanks for the patience!

Last week I had an opportunity to run 3-day seminar on the topic “Self Care when dealing with difficult customers” for Islamic Women’s Association of Queensland (IWAQ). About 60 employees of IWAQ attended the sessions and topics related to Self Care and Stress Management at Workplace were covered. Self Care means taking care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life and striking a good balance. I have received plenty of positive reviews and I am quite excited to do more!

If you are part of an organization that is looking for someone to run seminars & sessions on various aspects of Mindfulness & Self Care please don’t hesitate to touch-base. A big thanks goes to World Wellness Group and IWAQ for providing me this fantastic opportunity!

Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day from SMB Health. One of the essential part of our existence is Love. We all are looking for Love in different ways, things and forms. The “real” love is something that sets you on fire. In Sanskrit language it’s called as “Prema” or Pure Love. It makes you become self-absorbed, hurts you, runs your emotions high, you miss and feel it and you literally go crazy!

Wishing you all to experience that highest, purest form of Love in this life and beyond!