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Business Wellness Coach I am passionate about helping and building businesses. I did a presentation on the topic of "Business Wellness" for motivated business owners from the Springfield area who are part of Local Biz Networking Groups... #main-header, #top-header, #main-footer { display: none!important; }

Identify Your Energy Score 

Before we jump on becoming productivity and performing machines, it is important to check our batteries first. It will help us to find out how much energy we have left to achieve our personal and professional goals.

Ready and excited? Let’s do it! 

Step 1 of 8

Your Energy Score Card

0 – 10 You Are An Energy Champion

It appears that you are smashing it at various levels. You may wonder how to keep maintaining the same levels. Be reflective and keep checking on what you need and plan for the unknown. Even champions need to avoid complacency and let their guard down.  

11 – 25 Energy Master 

You are on top of your game but be aware that there is always room for improvement. You may wonder how I can add more activities that’ll make my life better but don’t have the time for them. If that is the case, increase the quality of certain activities. Quality over quantity is a powerful strategy.

 26 – 39 Watch out – Energy Vampires

 I am concerned that you are probably on track towards burn-out. We want to do the right thing but at the same time come up with excuses such as busyness, lack of funds etc. Burn-out is a crazy beast and it can lead to stress, anxiety, health issues, impatience, avoidance, procrastination, and irritation. 

 Saying that, the good news is you are still in control to change your life for good and bring back your A game. 

 You can address this by regularly checking in with yourself to plan ahead and create those small changes that will bring a bigger impact. 

40 – 60 High Risk Zone

I imagine you are quite good at what you do, however this is one quiz that you prefer not to be scoring highly in! Low energy and burn-out is not something we want to get into and play with. We all go through low energy levels and symptoms of burn-out from time to time, but if you are experiencing this way all the time then you need some urgent action. Physical, mental, and emotional pain together with increased levels of anxious thoughts and depression are common for people in this category. As a coach who helps people with mental health issues, I insist you to take immediate action. 


Whether you are an Energy Champion, Energy Master, Watching for Energy Vampires or at High Risk Zone, you can still do better and become wise. To learn how to become even better, please continue and do Module 2.