Sustainable Innovation

What is innovation? Innovation is a term most commonly used for entrepreneurship and technology start-ups. However, innovation should be encouraged & implemented across all aspects of life. How to make innovation sustainable? For any innovation to become...

Conquer Goals With Emotional Intelligence

How to use it for effectively for personal and professional goals? Some people are good at working with others. These people get results. They probably have a high level of emotional intelligence. I am sure many of you have heard the term emotional intelligence, also...

The Current Coronavirus Pandemic From A Scientific Point Of View.

The current Coronavirus pandemic is affecting various aspects of our lives and with the constant non stop attention from the media, it's easy to not understand the basics of how Viruses works. Coronavirus is still called a Novel...

How to improve your memory?

How to improve your memory using practical tools and techniques? What techniques do you use to memorize things, objects, and subjects? I recently interviewed Professor Anthony Metivier, who is an expert and an authority in the field of Memory. Anthony and I discussed...

How to reduce employee turnover?

Workplace Wellness helps to reduce employee turnover. Workplace Wellness is much more than keeping a bowl of fruit in the kitchen area for the employees! It's about making them feel safe at work by implementing proper occupational health & safety procedures. It's...

How to avoid, handle, and manage workplace burnout?

Workplace burn out is a huge problem for employees, businesses, and organizations. Symptoms include absenteeism, lack of motivation to work, anxiety and frustration at work, etc. I have personally experienced it and definitely don't want anyone to go through this...

How to help employees understand company culture?

Are you an organization/business or a recruitment firm hiring new employees? When you hire someone how do you ascertain that the potential hire will fit into your company culture? First of all, based on the input from leaders, most company cultures are set in the...

Benefits of Workplace Wellness Program

6 major benefits from the implementation of a Workplace Health Program (WHP) for your business and organization: Improved Productivity/Decreased Presenteeism Decreased Illness/Absence Reduction in Occupational Injury/WorkCover Claims/Premiums Improved...

Habitual Complaining is unhealthy for your Brain

It is harmless to complain occasionally because that's human nature. However, when it becomes a habit, it is like drinking water from the sea; the more we drink the saltwater the thirstier we get. I recently went for a coffee meeting with a colleague. The restaurant...

Active Listening - A Learned Social Skill Curious to know how to build excellent relationships with others? Active Listening! Isn't that frustrating when the other person doesn't listen properly and acknowledge what you are trying to say? When we speak we repeat what... #main-header, #top-header, #main-footer { display: none!important; }

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Areas To Cover

Mindset Fitness

Remember, the mind is your best friend. It is like a muscle, the more you flex, the better it gets. Unleashing the power of your conscious and subconscious mind will unlock the sleeping giant within and make you unstoppable.

Health & Diet

is the most significant Wealth, and you are what you Eat! A proper diet coupled with reliable health is an incredible combo that’ll convert you to become a productivity machine.

Lifestyle & Balance

Imagine a life where you are buzzing with energy, surrounded by people you love, and live a stress-free experience. Sounds great right? The good news is you can achieve that under my expert guidance.

What My Clients Say

Roxanne Grey

I worked with Dr. Sam to assist with furthering my personal and professional development. I felt I was living a good life, but knew I could achieve more! Each session with Dr. Sam deepened my understanding of mindset and how I was filtering everything at work and home. He shared with me strategies, advice and practical tips on how to recognise my behaviours, reflect on what was driving these behaviours and how to change the behaviours I wanted to. The results have been just wonderful. After just a few sessions, I started to see significant changes both personally and professionally. I’ve dropped 15 kgs and I’m on my way to a healthier weight range, I increased revenue and net profit in our business significantly and strengthened my relationships with my husband and children through more effective communication. I highly recommend Dr. Sam to assist with anyone wanting to increase productivity, performance, and further their development.

Tristram Morgan

Dr. Sam is an excellent coach and mentor in the fields of personal fulfillment, business achievement, and clearing blockages and unhelpful thought and behaviour patterns. He is extremely effective at identifying the issues that need to be resolved and is so thoroughly likable and trustworthy that is easy to open up to him entirely, as well as follow his sage advice. I highly recommend that everyone seeks his assistance in optimizing their performance and happiness.

Jesse Kuch

If anyone has health issues or just wants to live a cleaner, more healthy life, I can highly recommend Dr. Ramakrishnan’s services. I had some persistent health problems and under his advice, I got better in a matter of weeks after literally months of seeing regular doctors with no success.

Kristine Fernandez

Working with Dr. Sam has thus far, been the BEST investment of my career. I came to him with curiosity and openness to see if this could work for my business. Over a span of 3 sessions, not only has my professional life been impacted powerfully, but so has my personal life and inner well-being. After having worked with some coaches in the past, and having done a few courses, I had an idea that I would benefit somehow, but the results have completely superseded my expectations! One of the things I LOVE the most is that Sam’s approach makes complex things super simple! I would recommend him time and time again (and will definitely come back to him time and time again)!

Robert Moore

Sam has a great skill in being able to listen and hone in on problems. His breadth of knowledge about medical and mindset matters is impressive. He is certainly holistic in his thinking and mixes his western training from Harvard university with his Eastern upbringing. I would recommend Dr Sam to anyone wanting breakthroughs in their health.

Sharon Musker

Dr. Sam understands how the mind works and he takes into account your personal Emotional Intelligence. One without the other is not enough as we all have such different personalities. I value how he gets straight to the point and gives advice with very practical tasks that can be put into practice immediately both personally and professionally. Sam has helped me to be more mindful of where I have been, where I am today and where I desire to be in the future. He provides a very genuine and supportive environment that enables confidence and the right Mindset. Thanks Sam! Love your work.